"Heavey is a magical realist and a myth maker…"
– Michael Sheldon, author of The Violet Crow 


"A brilliant new book … This brave little cat has the courage of a lion"
– HillBuzz.org 

"Fantastic fable … Not only is this book a great story in itself, it's also quite clearly a parable for current events."
– Book Horde

"What appears to be a delightful tale about the trials and travails of a simple barn cat morphs into an allegorical masterpiece."
– Jack July, author of the Amy Lynn series 


"A Spellbinding, Supernatural Coming of Age Story"
– Daria Anne DiGiovanni, author and owner of WriteStream Media 

"Underlake is a complex story written to delight and empower the reader … Beautifully done for girls searching for their own voice."
– Literary R&R 


"Warning: DO NOT read this book right before bed! Night Machines is one very freaky ride."
– Let's Book It 

"This is pretty chilling stuff."
– The Goode Word 

“Far more than a romance, Night Machines is a thriller, a fantasy, a mystery. Yes, folks, we have a winner!”
Literary R&R 

"The story itself is unique and something I have never read before."
– The Ultimate Book Nook 

"Night Machines is a unique spin into escapism and its dangers, recommended reading. Five Stars."
–Midwest Book Review 

"When I came to the last 40 pages, I locked myself in my bedroom leaving my husband and children to fend for themselves for a while so I could read the conclusion."
– eFiction Magazine 

"I rarely read a book I find both literary and hard to put down...a unique and inspiring story."
– Meira Pentermann, author of Firefly Beach and Nine-Tenths 

"I did not even expect part of it until two-thirds of the way through Night Machines and I didn’t suspect all of it until the very end."
– The Greenwich Patch 


Kicking Our Dystopia Habit

Happy Easter everyone! I'm taking a moment to check in and share some exciting news: I am now an official poster at PJMedia, in the Lifestyle section! This is the part of the site where people post about culture and entertainment. I am thrilled and honored to be included among the talent at PJMedia.

My debut post concerns the Creative Right, 1984, the ominpresence of the dystopia genre in our work lately, and whether we need to school our talents in a different direction. Please head on over there and have a read! In the meantime, here's a teaser:

One thing that should be obvious by now is that the name “Conservative” no longer fits the modern American pro-freedom movement. The establishment has been so thoroughly corrupted and rotted by Progressivism’s long march that only the most zealous leftist can argue against the need for corrective change. Indeed, the most common conflict in Conservatarian chatrooms these days is whether to continue working within the system by reclaiming the Republican Party or go all-out revolutionary and tear it down because it is damaged beyond repair. In any event, our eyes are fixed firmly on the future.

Read more: http://pjmedia.com/lifestyle/2015/04/02/must-we-keep-citing-1984-the-case-against-orwell-in-2015/#ixzz3WSoDQAMz


Vote for your favorite Conservative / Libertarian Fiction Book

Marina Fontaine and I founded the Conservative-Libertarian Fiction Alliance a little over a year ago, and it already has over 700 members. The CLFA is a networking group of readers-writers-editors-reviewers-publishers-artists who work together to raise the profile of fiction that contains Conservative-Libertarian principles. We also attempt to reconcile differences between Conservatives and Libertarians so that we may work together to tackle our overgrown, overbearing, Progressive government. We interact within a closed Facebook group, so there is a good degree of privacy to discuss things freely. (If you are interested in joining, please go here to request membership.)

To commemorate our first anniversary, we created the CLFA Book of the Year award. For this inaugural event, we allowed CLFA members to nominate their favorite fiction novels published in 2013 or 2014. We compiled a list of the nominees and voting is now open to the public. Please go here if you would like to participate!


Fabulous Liberty Island Launch Party in NYC

Last week, I had the sheer pleasure of being a guest at the Liberty Island official launch party at 44 in New York City. Liberty Island, a new Conservative-Libertarian media company and publisher, explains their mission thus:

Once upon a time the mainstream culture was conservative and the so-called counterculture was left wing. Today the situation is reversed and a new counterculture has arisen, one that boldly challenges the cynicism, nihilism, and stifling political correctness of popular culture today. 

Our mission is to support this raw and untamed counterculture by gathering its creators in one place and providing the tools and resources they need to succeed.…

(Read the whole thing here.) 

The fledgling company may represent a new direction in fiction publishing, but it is staffed and backed by some established industry leaders. In other words, they know what they're doing.

Here are the first two novels to be published by Liberty Island. (The Big Bang by Roy M. Griffis and Superego by Frank J. Fleming.)

Here I am with, from left: David S. Bernstein, Liberty Island COO and Publisher; author Roy M. Griffis; Abigail M. Brill, Liberty Island Associate Editor; me; and special guest Rich Lowry, editor of National Review.

Liberty Island CEO Adam Bellow makes some remarks:

Here I am with two great friends I had never met in person until now; Author Roy M. Griffis and Liberty Island Senior Editor Jamie K. Wilson:

All in all, it was a wonderful night, full of optimism, creative energy, and high spirits. The counterculture is well underway!

And if you haven't yet, visit Liberty Island!


Liberty Island Media Explodes onto the Fiction Scene!

Exciting times for fiction-lovers who also happen to be a bit Libertarian / Conservatarian … Liberty Island Magazine, a counter-culture, alternative fiction-centered media company which launched an amazing short fiction web magazine last year, is now a full-fledged book publisher! The young company is the dream project of intellectual heaveyweights David Bernstein and Adam Bellow. Long established in the publishing world, these brave rebels are doing for fiction what they have already done for non-fiction: opening up the gates to people who are sick of the Progressive monopoly on All Things Culture.

Things are starting to heat up. Just today, National Review Online has published an excerpt from one of Liberty Island's two maiden releases. I have read both these books already and can heartily recommend them. They are The Big Bang by R.M. Griffis (read my review here) and Superego by Frank J. Fleming (read my review here). 

Welcome to the new Conservative-Libertarian Fiction movement! Welcome to fresh ideas, intellectual energy, and genuine passion. Welcome to the growing number of alternatives to the stale, clichéed, mediocre offerings of Big Publishing. These are heady days for lovers of fiction of all political persuasions. Welcome, diversity of thought!


Finally back in the writing routine!

We indie authors generally have day jobs (and often families and volunteer positions and so forth), so it's hard to make the time to write. This is why full-timers like Nora Roberts can crank out numerous books per year, while we indies can take several years to produce a single book.

I am blessed with the friendship of fellow indie author Sheryn MacMunn (author of the universally loved, cross-genre novel Finding Out) and we are trying to keep each other on track. I'm pleased to report that we are both back in our "heads" and involved in our WIP's. Sheryn is working on a sequel (prequel?) to her first book. I am working on a new stand-alone title. Once again, it is for an entirely different audience than either of my last two books. But I now have 26k+ words in my doc. AND, I am excited to say, I have located an illustrator who I think will be perfect for the book cover. (New genre + new audience = new marketing style. Again.) Have to sketch it out and contact him to see if he's interested. Will do that soon.

What's working for me these days? I work full-time, but I work from home. Since I am not commuting anywhere, I have a golden hour after the kids & husband leave the house but before I have to log into work. With a little self-discipline, that is my author hour. And that daily commitment is what moves a book along. Try it!