"Heavey is a magical realist and a myth maker…"
– Michael Sheldon, author of The Violet Crow 


"A brilliant new book … This brave little cat has the courage of a lion"
– HillBuzz.org 

"Fantastic fable … Not only is this book a great story in itself, it's also quite clearly a parable for current events."
– Book Horde

"What appears to be a delightful tale about the trials and travails of a simple barn cat morphs into an allegorical masterpiece."
– Jack July, author of the Amy Lynn series 


"A Spellbinding, Supernatural Coming of Age Story"
– Daria Anne DiGiovanni, author and owner of WriteStream Media 

"Underlake is a complex story written to delight and empower the reader … Beautifully done for girls searching for their own voice."
– Literary R&R 


"Warning: DO NOT read this book right before bed! Night Machines is one very freaky ride."
– Let's Book It 

"This is pretty chilling stuff."
– The Goode Word 

“Far more than a romance, Night Machines is a thriller, a fantasy, a mystery. Yes, folks, we have a winner!”
Literary R&R 

"The story itself is unique and something I have never read before."
– The Ultimate Book Nook 

"Night Machines is a unique spin into escapism and its dangers, recommended reading. Five Stars."
–Midwest Book Review 

"When I came to the last 40 pages, I locked myself in my bedroom leaving my husband and children to fend for themselves for a while so I could read the conclusion."
– eFiction Magazine 

"I rarely read a book I find both literary and hard to put down...a unique and inspiring story."
– Meira Pentermann, author of Firefly Beach and Nine-Tenths 

"I did not even expect part of it until two-thirds of the way through Night Machines and I didn’t suspect all of it until the very end."
– The Greenwich Patch 



See at what arrived in my inbox yesterday:


WOOHOO!!!! I am now officially a Kindle Press author! I am beyond excited to be partnering with Kindle as we launch my new book, Domino. Many, many thanks to everyone who stopped by Amazon to nominate my book. Looks like the remaining process will take a month or two, so look for a launch date in early 2016. I will also make a paperback version available, as always.



Time to Vote for Domino!

My newest and as-yet-unpublished novel, Domino, is up for a Kindle Press contract on Amazon. Kindle has this new program, Kindle Scout, which is kind of like an American Idol-style reality show way of picking what books they will offer publishing contracts to. I'm hoping to get a significant-enough number of nominations in the next few weeks to impress the acquisitions folks there.
Since Amazon is the biggest bookseller in the world, I would very much like to partner with them and have them publish my next book. You have an Amazon account, right? So just click here, then click the "Nominate me" button. That’s it!
If Domino wins, you will receive a free ebook from Amazon when it’s published. (If it doesn’t win, I’ll most likely self-pub, but then you'll have to pay for the Kindle book.)
It’s literally about ten seconds of your time. Also, feel free to share with any friends you know who read and would like to see more Conservative-Libertarian options in books & entertainment. This is how we make it happen. 
Many thanks!



Domino Kindle Scout campaign

I'm thrilled to announce that Domino has been accepted into the Kindle Scout program. The Domino campaign will launch tomorrow (Saturday, October 17) and run for 30 days. During this time, anyone with an Amazon account can go to the Kindle Scout page and nominate Domino. It literally takes three seconds.

If I get enough nominations, Domino will be signed to a Kindle Press e-publishing contract. If you know me, you know I am a huge Amazon fan and I'd love to partner with them as I launch my new book. I'll post a link once the campaign launches so it's easy to find and nominate Domino.

Thanks for your support!



The front cover design for Domino is complete. I got some help from my friend, Matt Margolis, proprietor of his own little freelance design empire and a talented book cover designer. Although I am a professional designer myself, I felt too close to this project and also a little stuck. Matt came up with some awesome type treatments and a layout that I am really pleased with. Here's how it looks:



Revealed: the cover illustration for my upcoming novel!

I just got the art I commissioned for the cover of my upcoming novel, Domino, and I couldn't be more excited. Without further delay, here it is. Behold!

OMG, is that not the coolest thing ever? I am thrilled!

Here is a link to the artist's website. His name is Damon Bowie, he's based out of NOLA, and he's unspeakably talented. He also sells prints of his work, if you like it!